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Ep42: Title Insurance for Projects

BankScott_WEB2Scott Bank of First American Insurance sat down to discuss all things title insurance; in this episode we go from title insurance 101 and endorsements for project finance projects to how pricing breaks down and where he sees the insurer most often paying out. Continue reading “Ep42: Title Insurance for Projects”

Ep41: M&A Due Diligence

ElserKen_DNVGLKen Elser of DNV GL joins us to discuss when a company contemplating an M&A transaction should approach an independent engineer, the different methods DNV GL takes in buy-side vs. sell-side transactions, the top three things that drive the value of an M&A transaction, where he sees the market going in the next six to 12 months, how DNV GL can help, and more.

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Ep40: Emerging Energy Infrastructure Opportunities

RenPlastinaRen Plastina of Investec joins us to talk about energy storage and electric vehicles and how to be a first mover in both markets. He gets into energy storage from the standpoint of a lender, what is going on in the market and whether lenders are seeing deals that can actually be financed, as well as how the traditional project finance model can be used for EV charging infrastructure, a market that is still in the formative stages.

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Ep39: Interview with an Industry Veteran: Steven Greenwald

Image result for steven greenwald credit suisseSteven Greenwald, senior advisor and former head of project finance with Credit Suisse, reflects on a rich 39-year history in the project finance industry. Steve shares what led him to become an investment banker, the secret to his longevity, how he has seen the business evolve, common mistakes to avoid and more.

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Ep38: The Future of Energy Storage

Michael_Kleinberg_HeadshotMichael Kleinberg, head of distributed energy resources and energy storage at DNV GL, joins us to talk all things energy storage. He shares an update on current technology trends of lithium ion, the cost environment, how projects are priced, key players on the manufacturing side and how these technologies are being deployed in the US. The residential market is awakening and Todd asks how much confidence can the project finance industry take from the numbers that the market is currently reporting.

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Ep37: Legal Perspective: Representations and Warranties Insurance

Image result for david barrett norton rose fulbrightThe representations and warranties insurance (RWI) market is growing rapidly as the insurance expands in scope to cover more types of transactions.  David Barrett discusses RWI from a legal perspective: talking about the basics of sell-side and buy-side policies, typical pricing, premiums last year versus this year, the risks that aren’t covered, special considerations for energy projects, the claims history and more.

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Ep36: US to Review More Inbound Investments

RosenbergAmanda_HiResAmanda Rosenberg tells what the major changes are in a new law this month that gives CFIUS broader power to set aside inbound US investments and how they will affect the energy industry, including details on the new review authority, changes to process, mandatory declarations and when everything takes effect.

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Ep35: PACE Securitization Overview

Image result for patrick dolan norton roseListen in as Patrick Dolan offers a general overview of securitization and then dives specifically into the niche market of property assessed clean energy (PACE) bonds. We cover which states are doing the highest volume in PACE securitizations, a history of the ratings, residential versus commercial and where he sees the future of the program. Continue reading “Ep35: PACE Securitization Overview”

Ep34: Legal Perspective: Back-leveraged Loans

BergerJames_WEB2Jim Berger discusses back-leveraged loans from a legal perspective, going over the big picture of project structures as well as the most negotiated points in these transactions, the breakdown of benefits for sponsor members and tax equity investors, security packages, cash sweeps and more.

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